Makey Makey Drum by Barnard


Leap Motion Drum Kit by Wiktoria

Project Documentation :

A drum kit that uses Leap Motion. A user can see a simple picture of a drumkit and his hands hoovering above the Leap Motion device. The sound of 3 different kit parts is triggered by a hand movement at a certain depth above the device. On a picture it can be seen as if a user was actually touching the snare drum etc.




Ardui Sketch by Samar

Github Project Page:

Ardui-Sketch, a drawing arm operated by two knobs allowing the user to control the movement and markings of the pencil.


The conversation Bench by Carlotta

Github Project Page:

The Conversation Bench is a prototype project made with Arduino and Processing, later to be improved in the outline of the "Creativity and Computation" course at Parsons Paris 2015.

The code is made so that when a button is pushed more than once, the audio file is interrupted and the next file starts playing. Each button has a theme or mood. The prototype is made of four moods: Melancholy, Lonely, Marvelous, Stoic. When a button for another mood is pushed, the previous file is interrupted and the mood's playlist start playing. One push allows one quote to be played.

The idea of the Conversation Bench came up after realizing how many lonely people sat in Paris' benches by themselves. I wondered: wouldn't it be nice if the bench started talking with them?







Face Detecting Pinocchio by Won