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Data-driven Reports (references)

References of print and interactive reports including data-visualizations.

Participatory Projects

Projects and tools that foster collective intelligence and centralization of information either to best assess and understand situations or to envision scenarios and build strategies taking into accounts stakeholders' voices.

Visual Literacy - Basics

Find here some references and basics concepts about visualization.

Data sets - Libraries

A repository of data sets online libraries about politics and development worldwide.

Opportunities & Challenges

Articles / Use-Cases / Studies on opportunities, pitfalls and challenges in working with data, visuals, storyteling, etc. for political and develoment organizations.

VR Projects in Politics/Dvpt

Examples of VR projects developed for and used within political or development contexts.

Open Source Tools (basics)

List of open-source tools to analyze and/or visualize your datasets.

Note: most of these open source tools require you to upload your data on third parties' servers to visualize them - be careful with confidential/sensitive data.

Visual Resources & inspirations

Online resources (with source files) and examples of successful reports / publications / websites intergrating datavisualizations in a context of humanitarian or political organizations.

Data Science / Big Data / Machine Learning Projects

Resources, tools and projects using with big data and data science to tackle political or development issues (e.g., Social Media analysis, Topic Modeling, Chatbots, etc.).

Stats & Algorithms Explained

Some links to learn more about statistics, algorithms, machine learning and other analyical methods... presented in a visual way!

Forecast / Speculative Design

How to use speculation as a tool to inform policy making? How to imagine future scenarios in order to help decision-making processes? 

Designing Maps

Basics & examples on ways to convey information with maps + resources - tools to create maps.

Taxonomy of basic maps:
• Choropleth use color scales to assign categorical/numerical data to regions.
• Cartograms distort the areas to make sure data are proportionally represented.
• Proportional Symbol utilizes simple shapes to relay quantitative data.
• Pinpoint Maps show the exact location of things.
• Connection Maps use points that are connected to show correlations.

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