Telling stories with maps – some examples

The Story behind a Line - Federica FragapaneScreenshot 2018-08-09 16.20.35

Rescue Signatures in the Meditterranean - UN Global Pulse (Interactive story and exploration interface using maritime data to identify the rescuing operations in the Meditterranean see).Screenshot 2018-08-09 15.34.09

The Shape of Slavery : history of slavery in the US - The Pudding

Screenshot 2018-08-09 16.03.06

Air Strikes againts ISIS - NYTimes (interactive story in several steps based on air stikes and casualties data)Screenshot 2018-08-09 15.40.20

Four years of conflict in Syria - NYTimes (non-interactive narrative using maps as evidence)Screenshot 2018-08-09 15.42.52




Interactive Maps — some examples

The Refugee Project - Describes the flows of refugees around the world since 1976 (in and out of each country) - based on UNHCR data.Screenshot 2018-08-09 16.00.24

A world map of Diplomacy - Lowy Institute - Shows the posts of the different countries and rank them.

Screenshot 2018-08-09 16.08.45

Rennes Metropole - Exploring Open Data to make sense of an agglomeration.

Screenshot 2018-08-09 16.16.29


The Ukko Project (interactive wind map): interesting use of simple visual variables (all-over mode) and icons + details and trends for each data-point. Screenshot 2018-08-09 14.32.05


Using icons and Layering

Examples of maps with icons and all-over patterns applied for zooning.

image-20180717_135722-3g5 image-20180717_140254-g81source: Atlas of the conflict


source: Joost Grootens Studio (extracts from several books)


source: Frederica Fragapane