Plot Parade

PlotParade allows you to create "arty" data-viz in a few clicks.Screenshot 2019-02-02 15.07.36

DataVoyager - Analysing your datasets at a glance

DataVoyager is a great and easy tool that enables you to play around the different views from a dataset to get a sense of the story in your data.

Screenshot 2019-01-29 16.55.39

Timegraphics - generation timelines

Timegraphics is an easy solution to generate complex timelines in a few clicks. 


RAW Graphs - The missing link between spreadsheets and data visualization. This open source data visualization framework aims at making the visual representation of complex data easy for everyone. RAWGraphs has the advantage to be very straight-forward to use and pretty flexible (and it runs locally, so without risk for sensitive data): copy-paste data from strucured documents and choose the type of visualizations among several different options. You can later export and/or embed your visualization.

Screenshot 2018-08-05 19.21.41


DataWrapper helps create charts that are interactive, responsive and embeddable in a website.

Screenshot 2018-08-03 15.34.26 is a suite of 4 easy-to-use web tools for beginners that introduce concepts of working with data.
> wordcounter and samediff enable you to look what's in text files, and wtfcsv and connect the dots help visualize csv files. The team also proposes activities to know how to build hypotheses and conduct analyses using these tools. Screenshot 2018-08-03 15.21.21

Data Illustrator

Data Illustrator aims to make non-interactive visualization/infographics. It relies on principles of illustration tools like Adobe Experience Design / Illustrator. The website presents tutorials to help getting started with the basic concepts and tools to create visualizations.

Screenshot 2018-08-03 15.31.38