Experiments at the Intersection of Art, Law and Innovation

SITU Research - Bradley Samuels' presentation of his work at the frontier of Art, Law and Innovation. He shows very relevant examples and projects - some with the International Criminal Court -and explains the opportunities and challenges that exist for an architecture/design firm to partner and develop new ways of seeing and reporting evidence for advocacy/human rights.


Using Chatbots for humanitarian crises

In this great article, people from World Food Program explain how they designed and used chatbots to try to address some of challenges they face in providing help to people in needs. They unpack some of their findings and emphasize the need for site-specific research.


Transforming Diplomacy with 21st Century Tech and Approaches

Post by Jakarta Pulse reporting on the international seminar in July 2018.Screenshot 2018-09-11 14.24.32


Designing a Data Fellowship

The Data Fellows programme at Centre for Humanitarian Data / OCHA : lessons learnt.

Screenshot 2018-08-13 17.48.40