Climate Change Impacts | Amazonia Under Threats

A visual essay / exploration poduced by The National Geographic and Stamen.

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UN SRCT Drone Iquiry / Interactive Report

Drones strikes and civilian casualties / UNHR and SITU + Forensic Architecture

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Interactive Report / Rohingya

Amnesty International and Situ research partnered to produce this interactive report.20180626_Amnesty-Rohingya_screen-recording-02_cropped-and-shortened

OCHA - Data & trends 2017

Paper version of the OCHA report on data and trends in 2017 - printed with specials inks on a grainy paper, this report displays nice visualizations.

Screenshot 2018-11-21 16.02.33 Screenshot 2018-11-21 16.03.00

2018 UN Secretary General report on UN work

Nice integration of maps and other basic datavisualizations in a UN report to explain the work of the organization on multiple levels.

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Feltron Reports

Nicholas Felton is a designer, entrepreneur and artist whose work focuses on translating quotidian data into meaningful objects and experiences. He is the author of numerous personal annual reports that condense the events of a year into a tapestry of maps, graphs and statistics. 01@2x 07@2x 09@2x 11@2xJust write…