Data for Democracy - Data science for good

Data for Democracy uses data science and big data to tackle community-led or partner-led issue. It began as an experiment in December 2016, when people from around the world began to collaborate on data-related problems through Slack and GitHub. 

Our decentralized structure allowed the growing community to get real and impactful work done with minimal delay. Since 2016, the community has expanded to over 4000 volunteers and data scientists from around the globe. These volunteers apply their diverse skills to tackle a wide variety of problems that affect both their own home communities and the world at large. 

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News Explorer | Watson

IBM Watson News Explorer offers to quickly get an overview of internet news content over a topic through a network graph, a timeline and a wordcloud.

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Crimson Hexagon

Crimson Hexagon allows to collect and analyze data from social media (see sources - instagram and facebook data might be available soon - in discussion for partnership). Using machine learning and natural language processing techniques, it enables sentiment analyses and custom classifications of social media messages. 

Data sources:Screenshot 2018-08-03 15.51.03

Keywords treemap

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Classifiers (train a model to classify the discussions according to custom topics)Screenshot 2018-07-27 10.39.28

Visualize where the messages come from.

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