Visualizing controversies on Wikipedia's articles. This project explores how to encode discussions and debates among the authors directly in the text.

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In terms of font transformation, a good inspiration can be found in the work of Fanette Mellier:


Exploring controversies on the Internet

The Density Design Lab worked with students on surrogacy practices to understand how it is perceived in different countries. They explored the web to map the controversy, resulting in a very nice booklet showing both the methodology and the outcomes.

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Thematical analysis from large corpora

 •  The Climate Negotiations Browser allows the user to navigate over 20 years of UN climate negotiations as captured by IISD's reporting system: the Earth Negotiations Bulletin.• The DISCOVER interface offers a visual overview of the most visible issues and actors of the negotiations.
• The EXPLORE interface allows the user to search, filter and read verbatim text directly from ENB.

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Oratio - Visualizing politicians' speeches

Oratio was developed by the Density Design Lab. The initial goal was to compare Nixon’s and Kennedy’s speeches uttered during the U.S. presidential campaign in 1960. The corpus consists of 282 documents by Nixon (830,000 tokens) and 598 documents by Kennedy (815,000 tokens). The overall goal of the project was to track the difference in language and content between the two opponents.

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Mappint debates on Climate Change

This website presents the results of the EU research project EMAPS on climate change, as well as its process: an experiment to use computation and visualization to harness the increasing availability of digital data and mobilize it for public debate. It is an electronic atlas, with a series of maps and stories related to climate adaptation issues.

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Controversies within a text

A website showing the decroissance debate in France (made by Juliette Mancini and Basile De Gaulle as part of the Mapping Controverses Course - Sciences Po).

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Highlighting themes in a text

UNDP report from Accurat

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