Presentation Slides - Examples

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Table Design

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Clip about people with Diabetes


Boko Haram Abductions - Interactive Report

A timeline and map based report that shows Boko Haram Abductions. The abuses against women and girls documented in this report occurred against the backdrop of a dramatic increase in the pace and intensity of Boko Haram's attacks against civilian targets since mid-2013, after the federal government imposed a state of emergency in Borno, Adamawa, and Yobe States. (April 2013 - September 2014)

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Mapping the #MeToo movement

This interactive visualization reprensents the #MeToo movement worldwide using Google Trends (i.e., showing the volume of Google searches).

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UN OCHA - Visual Guidelines

OCHA's booklet that presents the visual identity and guidelines.

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Interactive doc - Refugees' journeys

Two Billions Miles is an interactive website that mixes various media (photos, videos, audio...) about refugees' journeys. It proposes the viewer to choose his/her route and make decisions that refugees have to make when they flee. This project is part of the #DDART challenge organised by IDMC, OCHA and other partners published in Unite Ideas.Screenshot 2018-10-15 15.47.27


Raising awareness on IDPs

Art Project to foster empathy and raise awareness about IDPs. Made by Bendan Lim, winner of the Unite Ideas Challenge organised by IDCM and UN OICT.

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The use of Video to report on youth migration

Noting that trainings and education programs did not impact youth migration as expected, Mercy Corps and Samuell Hall have conducted a study on the reasons why migrants leave. They produced a video to explain both their research approach and their findings.

2018 UN Secretary General report on UN work

Nice integration of maps and other basic datavisualizations in a UN report to explain the work of the organization on multiple levels.

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Icons Library

Free and collaborative library of icons (both in png and svg format).


OCHA has created a collection ofhumanitarian icons, accessible here.