To contribute, you need to sign-up to L'opendoc (click the top-right corner button).
To complete you subscription, check your emails follow the instructions (if you did not receive any email, please check your spam folder).


Then you can:

1/ Create project threads (click the + button on the front page).
Add a description to your project thread in the top area; it will appear on the front page.

2/ Choose your contributors, who can edit and contribute to your thread.

3/ Add posts to your project thread. The last posts will appear on top. You can edit your past posts at any time by clicking the pen icon. To post videos, please host them on a plateform (Youtube, Vimeo...) and copy-paste the link of the video in a post.

4/ Make your posts public for anyone to see them, by clicking the right arrow. To make them private and visible only by the projects contributors, click the left arrow at any time.

5/ You can tag and comment any project thread or any individual post.


For any inquiry, please send us a FEEDBACK form (bottom-left corner button). We will get back to you shortly.