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Notes from Class 2/23

Agitate neurons -- speed dating, share project ideas,


My project idea:  a learning game with framework, but ownership transferred to the learner, the learner creates the narrative, encourages higher order thinking,  it’s generative, kid constructed, can be like an urban fantasy game, kids have to generate questions about their cultural traditions.  Teachers have to play the game, teachers have to answer student’s question.  Democratizing, reflective.  Now I’m thinking some sort of urban fantasy around simple machines?  


Maker space as school -- making and learning about history, listening to things all at the same time.  Learning criticality, and becoming productive members of society, but because of the experience not because you’re trying to indoctrinate them.  What is making?  Isn’t just the physical putting together things.  Act of using your hands, multi-sensory.  School as a set of practitioners, students are co-located with the teachers and their craft.  


Criticism of the maker model of learning.  Are we generating a consumer culture?  Active vs reflective.  Challenging our assumption of productivity and creativity, normativity.  


Resource for communities to use, give access to everyone.  Purposeful, apprenticeship, making with purpose, social issues, how do you bring the politics into the making?  Question, why do I want to get into making this?  Value practical work, it’s not your typical home ec course.  Grade 8 - 12.  Joseph Renzulli.  Like if you want to cook, you have to go to the farm, the farmer’s market, the ingredients.  

When workers can express their emotions, this can actually help their work.  


Learning at work:  learning in social setting, could there be a way for people to reflect on their own behavior, learning for adults at work or in social situations, engaging ways of teaching adults soft skills.  Learning is not extracurricular, it doesn’t happen off the clock, what would the New York Hall of Science look like if it was for adults, and companies could take employees for play.


What are the kinds of pedagogical goals you are interested in?  A day once a month, like Parson’s dorkshops, instead of someone coming in and teaching you, how can we share the knowledge, co-learning, self-learning.  Like Google’s 20% time.  You lose if you’re not learning all the time.  NYTimes article about productive teams.  Psychological safety, and emotionally sensitive.  Work self vs. real self.  The challenge is to make authentic learning happen in the workplace.  Worker led and worker incentivize.  Allow people a space, where they can do off work learning on their own.  It’s happening in the meeting.  But you need a safe space, any company led iniative is going to be fake, and has to be equitable, pay that person’s hourly wage to do this thing.  

BRIC -- Brooklyn


Start with a problem -- exposure and vulnerability of young people online.  Solutions to create, online artifact, or offline artifact helping young people be safe online, media literacy, make something or have agency -- online agency.  Physical artifact -- there own phone case, create a viral pop up for themselves.  Older kids helping younger kids.  Older kids could design an app or a product to help younger people or even older people -- intergenerational -- have the 10 year olds teach their grandparents how to use the internet.  Kids creating a personal dystopian future of what it would be like using the internet unsafely.  Sounds like a great soap opera.  Interact with the characters.  Lends itself to drama.  A show that’s fun and interesting -- for kids by kids.  Black Mirror episode.  Miniseries.  


Check out Guardian article on women directors.  


Why don’t they realize they are making media?  How do this museum engage kids in film-making?  


Make that snowball grow.  


Museum of Art and Technology, in San Francisco


Catalogue way of selecting course-work, you need to try certain things again and again.  Practitioners are not always good teachers.  


Eagle Hill private school.  


Inhale and Exhale online yoga teaching.  Educating young adults on yoga, theory, and practice.  Purpose is to let people know they can do yoga, it can help with anxiety and anger management.  Purpose is to help others through yoga, make it exciting.  Yoga as a way of self care, for a particular group.  Mindful practice, ways people could contribute, you create an online space where you cultivating these mindful practice.  Inter-generational aspect is unique -- sharing wisdom, collaborating father who teaches tai-chi.


What does it mean as a pedagogical thing?  How could the learner transform and contribute along the way?  How are you involving alternative spaces?  


Like instead of a place to go and get your cup of coffee, a place you can stop and get your meditation/relaxation?  But more about action and care, transform the industry, take it away from consumption.