Courtney Moore's Object to Think With

My object to think with is pen and paper, or keyboard. I think best when I write something down. It began in childhood and continues now. Then, I wrote short stories, and now I write out lists or goals and also papers. If I don't write it down, it's not a real thing.. whatever "it" is.

Massive scarf


This scarf stops me from fidgeting/reduces my periferal vision/ makes me feel calmer/warmer/more concentrated - and therefore capable of thinking more deeply.

Cigarettes and Coffee

I know it's wrong and bad for me, but cigarettes really do help me think.




My objects to think with

For me, my notebook and pen are key to helping me process my thoughts and remember ideas that come into my brain. I think about drawing and writing almost like chewing, in that it helps me break down and digest things, especially complex concepts.

MEvans_Object to think with

object to think with

I've had this for many years and I have no idea how it works. I know I could find out, but the mystery helps me think...