Weekly Schedule

Each session will consist of critical reflection on articles and relevant case studies and/or project-based and participatory learning through workshops conducted. Articles relevant to the topics will be posted on Zotero each week, while students will be asked to find and suggest suitable articles to share as well. We expect all participants to regularly share illustrative examples, projects and reflections on the blog on a weekly basis. Experiences from fieldwork, activities and workshops outside class should be shared online and in class.

Week (Date)

Topic of Class Session (Thursdays)

Potential Activities (in class or outside class time)

  Part I: Learning, Play and Making
   Week 1 (Jan 26)  Introduction
Learning about Learning
a.    Activity: Learning about each other through Making
b.    Activity: Exploring Design, Engagement & Learning by mapping concepts
c.     Reflect: Course expectations and interests
   Week 2 (Feb 2)  Learning and Development
 (Constructivism & Constructionism)
a.     Sharing: Objects to think with
b.     Activity: Perspectives on Learning
c.     Reflect: Constructivism & Constructionism
   Week 3 (Feb 9)  Informal Learning and Play a.     Discover: Playful exhibits at NYSCI museum
b.     Reflect: Learning in informal contexts
c.     Investigate: Learning in an interactive exhibit
   Week 4 (Feb 16)  Making and Design a.     Share: Investigations conducted at NYSCI
b.     Learn: Tools and Resources @ Making Center
c.     Design: Playful Tutorial on any aspect of using tools and learning in the Making Center
   Week 5 (Feb 23)  Cultural Probes & Participatory  Design a.     Share: Playful Tutorial for Making Center
b.     Reflect: Cultural Probes & Participatory Design
c.     Design: Cultural Probe for Self-Learning
  Part II: Engaging in Social Contexts
   Week 6 (Mar 2)  Scenarios of Learning a.     Share: Cultural Probes & Design Rationales
b.     Activity: Imagine and discuss Learning Scenarios
c.     Reflect: Scenarios of Learning & finalize sites for investigation (conducted the following week)
   Week 7 (Mar 9)  Critical Pedagogy and Inclusion a.     Share: Observations from Learning Scenarios
b.     Reflect: Pedagogy of the Oppressed
c.     Activity: Designing for Inclusion & Empowerment
   Week 8 (Mar 16)  Narratives & Multimodal Learning a.     Learn: Oral History and Narratives for      Intergenerational learning at NYPL
b.     Reflect: Narratives & Multimodal Learning
c.     Share: Storyboards for Scenarios of Learning
   Week 9 (Mar 30)  Present Project Concepts, Design  Process, and Learning Scenarios a.     Share: Project Presentations & Reflections
b.     Peer-Review and Design/Learning Crit
c.     Sketch next steps for projects
   Part III: Open Design Studios
   Week 10 (Apr 6)  Open Studio I   Workshops and invited guest presentations
   Week 11 (Apr 13)  Open Studio II   Workshops and invited guest presentations
   Week 12 (Apr 20)  Open Studio III    Workshops and invited guest presentations
   Week 13 (Apr 27)  Review of Projects & Self-Learning  Probes a.     Review final project preparations & feedback
b.     Reflect on Self-Learning Goals & Outcomes
   Week 14 (May 4)  Presentation of Final Projects I Peer-review of draft project papers
   Week 15 (May 11)  Presentation of Final Projects II +  Reflections & Course Learning Submission of Final Project Papers & Reflections (due by May 15)