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Server & OS

Do.Doc runs locally and we have tested sereral options to see optimum combinations.

Pictures of DoDoc in use and Diagrams of use

Versions of DoDoc: settings, activities, contexts,...

To connect other devices

Here is the way to connect your other devices to DoDoc, even without wifi connection.


How to fix a camera, a microphone or pretty much any sensor, in a modular and flexible way ?

Examples of pages made with dodoc

Screenshots and webpages generated with DoDoc.


You need to plug a screen to have a feed-back of what you are capturing and to organize your traces.


Download and Install Do.Doc

Follow the instructions here:

What is DoDoc?

DoDoc is a a tool that enables to capture traces of activities and later edition of multi-media documents. DoDoc proposes four modes to capture : pictures, video, animation movies and sound. The edition program allows users to organize their collected traces following various templates. At the end, narratives of activities can be easily created to be shared on the web or by printing them.


What to use as camera and mic ?


Write here a description for your project and add a picture. They will be used to show your project on the front page.