Using your smartphone / tablet

You can use Do.Doc in a multi-user mode or you can use the camera and mic of your mobile device:

  1. Run Do.Doc  (computer or RPi or server) > cf. the post Launch DoDoc in ‘Program’
  2. Connect all your devices to the same wifi network (if you do not have any wifi connection, create a local network --  e.g. tutorial for windows)
  3. Check the IP adress of the device that runs DoDoc
  4. Open your browser and type: https://yourIP:8080 (e.g. )


For the moment, we have only tried the hands-free headset.
> Works great and is very cheap. 

Small Camera - USB

We tested USB camera with a great resolution and a great frame rate. This is great option and a less expansive one (50$ to 60$) 

ref : ELP 2 mégapixels MJPEG 30fps 1920 x 1080 full hd mini box cmos 1080P usb camera with 2.8 - 12 mm varifocal
(waiting for the test)

refELP Caméra Module Usb Machine Vision 5.0 megapixel Hd (lens : 2,1 mm) >> this one has a too wide angle which distord the image. But the quality and rate is really amazing. We had no problem of focus (which is normal with that king of lens). Perfect choice if you want a really wide angle. 

Raspberry Pi Camera

If you are using a RPi, you can use the camera module. >> about 30$
The only problem is that you can not place the camera far away because of the connection length (you can buy up to 2 meters of cable for 5$ > You can shop this module online on 'sparkfun' or 'adafruit' for example.

Watch this video to learn how to make the camera module work on your RPi. 


Testing webcams

We need the live stream of the camera sensor, which makes compact or reflex camera inpossible to use. Plus, we do not have internet in our settings, so we did not test wifi options (if you do, please document your installation in a new post!)

So, we have tested different webcams (usb).
The biggest problem we have with webcams is the auto-focus and the color temperature which are constantly changing. We can not have control on these features unless we pay for add-on programs.
The Microsoft LifeCam is a good deal, even though it is a bit expensive. The Logitech c160 has a poor image quality but has a manual focus which is great.  

  • Logitech HD C615
    See original image
  • Logitech Pro c 920
    See original image
  • Microsoft LifeCam
    See original image
  • Logitech c160
    See original image