The steps to follow

Step 0 - DoDoc has to run on a device (Computer or RPi)

Step 1 - Connect all your devices to the same network than the one on which DoDoc runs. 

  •  if you have a wifi connection, easy
  •  if you do not have a wifi connection available, you can : 
    • share a connection from your phone and connect your computer/raspberry to it
    • create a local network with your computer (help needed)
    • create a local network with your RPi (help needed)

Step 2 - Note the IP address of the device on which DoDoc runs.

Step 3 - Install if you don't have it and launch Chrome on your phone/tablet

Step 4 - Enter the following address (change IPhere by the IP adress you got previously)

example -

Step 5 - Ignore the security message and click on "advanced parameters" then "continue (dangerous)" 


Here you go ! 

Once your IP is typed, it will be saved for later use and you won't have to type it again. This will take you less than a minute to use DoDoc on your tablet/phone. But if you use Dodoc on an other network, you need to check again the Ip address of your device.