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Application of the device

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horizons ouverts


Horizons ouverts
“Partout où vous avez besoin de nous”, project for the Croix Rouge Française


The world as we know it is full of sensations, smells, expressions, emotions and actions that are shared by us in various ways and forms. Communication, verbal or non- verbal, is an essential means of these human connections and to the existence of man, a person and as a social being. In fact, communication is as old as man. Since ancient times that Humanity sought several forms of expression and communication (gestural, visual and verbal).

Since the existence of the first Homos we can verify through prehistoric remains, archaeological evidence and cave paintings, that there was a need for communication among our ancestors (primates). The way humans communicate has evolved, from visual communication (paintings of hunting and everyday scenes), gestures and primitive sounds (the initial verbal language must have been very rudimentary) to the verbal, oral and written language (with the creation of verbal codes), or body language we know today. Moreover, the pattern of communication is simultaneous to man’s evolution shaping up well to society and different cultures.

Non-verbal communication can have an enormous impact, or even greater, than verbal language. As Darwin wrote in 1861, “one cannot doubt that language owes its origin to imitation and modification, supported by signs and gestures, several natural sounds and instinctive cries of man himself”. Of course, the basis of the evolution of language and communication are the gestures and signs, that is, the non-verbal communication. However, it is only in the beginning of the twentieth century that there is a greater interest in the importance of non-verbal communication in human interactions, with the beginning of the emergence of several studies on the question of movement and bodily reactions of the human being. Flora Davis, in her book “Non-verbal communication”, states that Edward Sapir, German anthropologist, argued that there was a possibility that gestures are codes that, in spite of not being stipulated, everyone understands them. In the 50s of the twentieth century, many anthropologists, psychologists and scientists begun to explore these issues methodically. Since then, it was understood that non-verbal communication should be studied and analyzed systematically and as a whole, that is why this type of communication is the subject of study in different disciplines such as psychology, anthropology, sociology, ethology, and kinetic art itself.

Paris, as we know now, it’s passing trough a big transformation regarding the amount of people that come to there because of war, work, studies and traveling. The quantity of homeless people (entire families, young people just traveling and sleeping in the streets, etc) it’s huge and that changed the city. The necessity of surviving make this “social group” interact with the people differently, with verbal or non-verbal communication. The last few months i started to connected with this kind of people and being interested by their stories. What amazed me was the fact that the first time someone in the street approach me directly they didn't wanted anything on return, they just wanted to talk and share with me. They opened me their door in the streets, their home, with all the respect.

Since then i begun to be more focus how people were moving in the city, how they react to this “social group”. Meanwhile, I was interacting with travels and homeless people during this time and sharing, listening stories and philosophies of life. The vicious circle of my life stop that months and I just was embracing life and existing of human being. This experience became the base of my work for “Design Interaction”,  it emerged a problematic: how to share experiences, cultures of the people that don’t have a voice? How to share their hopes, their dreams, their culture and experiences. So this became the information that I started to work it.

Problematic, the begging of a solution

How can i share this information with people? How this info it’s going to be shared quickly and easily? How it going to flow trough people? What it’s going to be the information? Who it’s going to collect it? Who’s it’s going to receive it ? How it’s going to run trough people? Where it’s going to placed?

As we know, there it’s a lot on non governmental organization that help people. They have several ways to reach this “social group”: by giving away clothes, food, documentation information and doing different kinds of encounters to help them physically and mentally. So in this encounters, in this sharing, they started to know their life, their problems and their story. So they became the collectors of information, the volunteers they are the first receivers of the information. However, how they are going to share the information that they receive?

So i propose a project called “Horizons ouverts” for the Croix Rouge Française. “Horizons ouverts” it’s a visual intervention in the metro screens/devices so all the Parisian people and visitors can receive the information of this reality quickly and clearly. The information received by the volunteers it’s going to be pass trough this devices placed in all the 16 lines of metro and the 4 lines of RER.

The project will have 4 principal ways of communication: the subject to the agent/collector, the agent to a online platform, the online platform to the mediator/2º collector (me) and the mediator to the metro devices. After applying this principals strategies the information will run trough the main target public: the city, Paris.

Steps of communication trough people and devices:

1. Subject - Agent - Online platform

The Agent will receive the information from the subject and will submit a important phrase in the online platform. Only the volunteers of the Croix Rouge will have access to it, they will have a name and a password to log in.

2. Online platform - Mediator

The online platform will be an open website where everybody can know the project: the creation, the people involved, how they can be a volunteer,  what Croix Rouge do, where the devices are placed, the contacts and also for the volunteers insert the information.
The information will be receive by the mediator and he will narrow it down and doing a selection.

3. Mediator - Metro device - target public

After the selection the mediator will make a video with the phrases to be applied in the metro. The metro device will run this video containing visual interaction of the phrases and of the logo of thve Croix Rouge.


Map of metro Paris


Lines of metro: 16 lines ; Lines of RER: 4 lines - They all connect on the center of the Ile-de-France.

Concentration of people in the center of Paris.

Main reasons: Schools, Universitys, Museums, Library, Gardens, Restaurants, Shops, Shopping Malls, Bars, Clubs



Strategic: theoretical and spatial application



sketches that i have to do: 

Plant of the subway (possibilities to instal the device);
Mapping the strategic lines of Paris to put the device; 
Designing the layout of the device;
Gather all visual information (images, videos) and the information (quotes, ages, contries); 

Darwin — Reise zur Erkenntnis

The visitor joins Darwin and his companions on their five-year journey around the world on the MS. Beagle. As one wanders the hull of the ship, he discovers plants, animals and fossils that were collected and categorized by Darwin. A central piece is the table of Mr. Darwin’s cabin with the historic map of the MS. Beagle’s journey. By Following the route on the map, one can discover experiences along the way that pop up as quotes of Darwin’s diary.

Urban Echo

Now that we are familiar with being connected digitally, the physicality of our interactions becomes important again. The globalised communication systems we use everyday exist on a level above our tangible surroundings.

Urban Echo brings some of this communication back to real locations, connecting public places and therefore people, cities and cultures. It extends space beyond our once concrete parameters.

Webcams allow you to see into another space, mirrors allow you to see your own space. Using billboard screens and cameras, Urban Echo creates a hybrid of these two things, allowing not only see into another city but maybe see yourself transported into another city or culture. A mid point between transparency and reflection, introspection and extrospection.

Placed in public areas, the screens have a variety of modes. Sometimes they create a recursive loop allowing interaction between people in multiple cities and sometimes they are just a window to another place, that might intrigue a passer by. They can connect regardless of distance, folding locations together and rearranging our perspective of public space.



Why metro ?


In paris the places where people interconnect the most are the streets and the metro
The metro it's a place more confined, the information can be easily past trought it. 



Create a device where people can receive the information in the subways, for example an Ipad/other device installed inside of the subways.


Place Monge Line 8 Metro Station

Not only on the streets information run, on the subway the information run fast in all the areas of Paris. 


New approach - collecting histories

So in all my experience in the last 2 week i think meet more than 20 people, i dont even remember. But what i remember the most are the histories, the dreams of a new world/peace world, the embracing of humanity, the sharing, the smiles.
So i tought:
How can i share with the world their own histories?
What is the fast way to do it?
How can people receive this information fast and easily? Without asking questions? 

PROBLEMATIC: how to share experiences, diferent cultures of the people from paris of different cultures and nationalities? 
AGENT: me, collector of information
INFORMATION: people dreams, hopes, experiences, histories
APPLICATION: videos, photos, phrases
SPACE to share it/work on: metro 



3 weeks ago i had this amazing experience:
I was walking home, in the middle of the night and i bumped up in cans of grafitti and there was 3 guys on the floor and the one in the middle told me "now u need to stay here and talk for exchange". So i stay, no for 10 min, for 5 hours into the night. A jamaican guy who lived in the street for almost 5 years with only his jambé and his smile; the lituanian guy and the italian guy who are in the street almost 15 years and travel by bike selling bracels and other bijutarie. For me they aren't homeless, they are travelers, just wondering around the world and learning, living, sharing. They opened me their door in the streets with all the respect, with no questions, no trades, nothing. 

The sharing of experiences, concepts of life/living was a big impact on my life/way of thinkink. To look to people on the street. Having that experience open my mind to new ways to live, to talk to people. Later in the next days i meet again with jamaica guy, we made music on the street, we draw, we meet people from so many contries, living in paris, travelers, homeless. I wasn't even afraid to be in the paris around exploring the places in the middle of the day or night. I was so amazed by the multiculture, experiences, histories of the people that i meet on the street that i already achieve what i wanted in the first place: "So i think it's importante for us as humans to stop our vicious life and stop to think to reflect, to share, to ear, to see. To embrace life and embrace the person next to us."

I realized that was that way to reach feed back from people. They change my experience in Erasmus on Paris and i hope i change their life somehow too. For me they are my subject, my base, people it self don't need me give feed back against their willing or in the way i "planned". The best way to get it and give it it's interacting personaly with them and embrace somehow they way of living. 

How can people interact?


Some videos about people can interact together. Same concept i want to work: Create something with informations of the experiences.

Conditional Design 

"Through the influence of the media and technology on our world, our lives are increasingly characterized by speed and constant change. We live in a dynamic, data-driven society that is continually sparking new forms of human interaction and social contexts. Instead of romanticizing the past, we want to adapt our way of working to coincide with these developments, and we want our work to reflect the here and now. We want to embrace the complexity of this landscape, deliver insight into it and show both its beauty and its shortcomings.

Our work focuses on processes rather than products: things that adapt to their environment, emphasize change and show difference.

Instead of operating under the terms of Graphic Design, Interaction Design, Media Art or Sound Design, we want to introduce Conditional Design as a term that refers to our approach rather than our chosen media. We conduct our activities using the methods of philosophers, engineers, inventors and mystics."



PARIS: ways of interact with others

In Paris in most of the corners, subways, parcs, patios we can see people sharing music, information and art somehow. But in reality most of then don't interact with eatch other.

So i think it's importante for us as humans to stop our vicious life and stop to think to reflect, to share, to ear, to see. To embrace life and embrace the person next to us.

Altought my main propose it's to interact face-to-face with them or even in an anominous way depending what idea i will go with.

main purpose: Intervention in people life somehow and also receive feed back about their experiences ! Studying behavior. 

brainstorm ideas:

1st: collect sounds (only the description) around town in quiet places and relaxed, dating and and note location. 
Make people discover the city by sharing with them the location.
(Plataform where u can share that locations and descriptions) 

2nd: WHAT IF? Have u done someting different today? Can u be able to do something different? 
Putt people doing stuff/games without knowing where the command came. 

It could be a plataforme where u have quest to do something like "go a draw and send it to ur neighbor" ; "write something nice to the people who its next to you" ; "go to the torreifel, walf around and leave a note to someone" 
( It would be good for Erasmus students ) 
Do a standard papers with several quest and then deliver that in the metro, streets without people knowing (like put in bags, coats. 

How i know how people want to interact ? 

1st step: Doing a quiz online to see how people feel in daily basic, what they like, if they are open to interect and doing that. ( 

2nd step: Do a plataform where i can receive feed back about how people feels doing that stuff. Sharing photos, drawings. Whatever they want to share about it.

(conditional design - it could be a good plataform for me to have subjects with work on illustration, to represent society somehow)