Outdoor functionality

This in fographic shows in which different environments the drones can work, how it would look like if they work on building, a canvas on the floor or on a facade. Also it shows how the drone can quickly take overview pictures of the artwork on huge buildings.


Gesture control for drone formation

This infographic shows how multiple drones can be operated.

When controling the drones there are multiple options to influence the flightpath, speed, formation size, position, color and also line thickness. Also I designed ways to operate drones inside a building or outside a building and circling it.


Gesture control for single drone

These are the basics to show how a single drone can be operated.

the focus in this infographic is on the control of the spraycan underneath the drone, the basic controls to influence the painted linework. (Note that in this scenario the drone will use a fixed flightpath and the pilot can break free from it to put special effects in the artwork)