The Chessboard

Hello everyone,

Now, we make the chessboard, and for that I used the Lasercut.

The first one I do, I used wood but I put to much power and the machine engraved too much the wood.

So I make another but this time with quite no power (Power 15% and Speed 80%), and it works better !

And finally, I decided to make it with plexiglas with a speed at 60% and a power at 15%.

First Step : The Pieces

Hello everyone,  

The first step of my project is to print the pieces with the 3D printing.

​ For that, you can draw them yourself or take them from a STL file. Here I took them from Thingiverse (, because it would take a lot of time to me to draw them myself.

At first, I make them at 20% infill and 2 shells. But they were to fragiles, so I print the after at 40% infill and 2 shells.

​Print all the pieces is very long !

So to organize well your time I advice you to print them during the night.