Mise en oeuvre

Maker faire 2016 30 avril-1mai 2016



Fabrication de la boite

Création du gabarit via http://www.makercase.com/

Enregistrement sous illustrator 10




Gravure et Coupe des gabarits

Mise en place du support sur la découpe laser (600x300mn maxi)


Support utilisé ici Médium laqué Blanc 3mn

Gravure 1,5mn (réglage 30/100)


Gravure Vitesse 14 - Puissance 100%


Ne pas oublier d'allumer le compresseur lors de la phase de coupe 

Nettoyage des brulures avec une éponge humide - Séchage avec un chiffon pour ne pas que le bois gondole



Fabrication du fichier pour les gabarits

Vectorisation des formes pour fabriquer les gabarits de formes à peindre

Fabrication de l'encre

Peinture - graphyte et gomme arabique 

Proportion "à l'oeil" en fonction de la texture recherchée


Qui sommes nous?

Born from the meeting of people from different backgrounds but united by the desire to « relay »; Span_association has the ambition to bring people together around old and new media.Bridges created will act as shortcuts to quickly give way to a problem: to see a representation of a complex world by sensitive use of contemporary digital tools. Through the creation and production of events and educational activities, Span try to develop the skills and personality of each of this components.


For several years we thinking on the convergence of the real and the virtual, poetic and digital performance, traditional and innovation. The device Post_Script 15-19, that we have exposed in the Museum of Avelines as part of the exhibition "1915-1919: A Canadian camp at Saint-Cloud », has allowed us to mix these two worlds and facilitate exchanges, links, between disciplines often treated isolated manner. This desire to make transdisciplinary has been our principal motivating during the hackathon "ApiDotArt" organized by the Google Cultural Institute and National Museums.